Pools & Patios

A cracked, broken or uneven concrete pool deck is one the most challenging problems for pool owners. Replacing the concrete is expensive and may not be an option. Covering the existing pool deck offers a very attractive solution and function for years.

safe for the whole family

Anti-Slip Surface covering your pool area

Rubber paving expands and contracts during temperature fluctuations but does not crack, creating a more durable and attractive surface.

Our rubber surfacing for pool decks will not color-fade in the sun, and to top it all off – it is the perfect anti-slip surface for safer fun!

Pool & Patio Features


On Average, a single patio uses over 50 recycled tires to cover your surface


Our Patios are engineered to be resilient in all environments


Our Patios can take anything you throw at it with confidence


We guarantee a crack free experience for years to come in all weather

pools & patios

easy installation, and custom built for your space

You want a patio that looks and feels amazing. Our rubber paved patios are soft on your foot and look amazing. Choose from a wide variety of colors to match your home perfectly. And no need to worry about fading. Unlike asphalt, our rubber does not fade.

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