Replay rubber playground surfaces are the best in USA because of the superior science and testing behind the product. Our rubber surfacing for playgrounds meets all ASTM standards for play areas including, but not limited to:

safe and seamless for children

creating safe area's to play across north america

For a fun, safe, accessible and durable surface, Replay Rubber Surfacing stands out amongst all in both looks, feel and longevity.

  • ASTM F1292-01 For Fall Attenuation

  • ASTM D1148-13 for UV stability

  • Fungal and Bacterial resistance

  • Anti-slip properties for safer play

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we've partnered with playtop and nike grind to offer the next generation of rubber paving

sustainable playgrounds

make your space unstoppable!

The next generation granule for indoor and outdoor bonded sports and play areas is here! Now you have the opportunity to use recycled shoes along with recycled tires. Available in a range of color blends, it offers both architects and installers endless possibilities for creative solutions when planning rubber surfaces.

Replay Surfacing is the exclusive partner in the entire United States for Playtop with Nike Grind. It’s not just sustainable, its UNSTOPPABLE.

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Environmental Commitment

Along with our partners, Replay Surfacing remains committed to reducing America’s environmental impact. For every square foot of Playtop with Nike Grind installed, 3 pairs of used sports shoes get reborn into a Playtop surface somewhere around the world. Click the logos below to learn how our partners are making a difference.

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