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pool with rubber surfacing
decorative walkway rubber
child playground with rubber surfacing

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Replay Surfacing is partnered with companies that have been in the business of tire recycling since 1993. Since the company’s inception, millions of pounds of scrap tires have been converted into value added product and put to beneficial use.

All of Replay’s manufactured products utilize recycled rubber. By transforming tires from an environmental hazard into a usable a usable product, we allow all of our customers to participate in the environmental sustainability of our planet.

backyard rubber park
indoor rubber playground

we are a dedicated team with strong values

With the dedication of our valued employees, Replay excels at collecting and transforming used tires from an environmental liability into usable and environmentally friendly products. Replay exceeds expectations with both product performance and customer service.

As a successful world class, fully integrated tire recycler, Replay is recognized internationally for our leadership in recycling and in manufacturing recycled rubber products that are of the highest quality and value.

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