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Recycled Tire Rubber

Replay’s rubber paving is comprised of recycled tire rubber. We reuse this material to create resilient rubber surfacing for many different applications, benefiting from all the engineering focused on creating durable and long-lasting tires.

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Our surfaces are created by combining recycled rubber crumb with our proprietary binding agent according to a strict formula developed by Replay. Rubber surfacing for driveways gives you a seamless surface that will remain beautiful and crack-free for years to come.

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Google Reviews

I have purchased product from this company over the years and have always dealt with people who were friendly and really wanted to take care of my needs as a consumer.  I highly recommend them for their good customer service and great environmentally friendly products.

Cliff Wiegers

If I could sum it up in three words for my landscape needs. Eye catching, recycled materials and totally low maintenance. And as for the comment about working there and losing there life that sucks but it has nothing to do with the product.

Daryl Chase

I've bought lots of product for my yard from Shercom and its AMAZING!!  The rubber edging is perfect for my flower beds & wrapping around my trees.  This edging is designed so you can still use your lawnmower!

Dawn Stranden